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3 Cheers for Sausage

3 Cheers for Sausage

I have a serious love affair with Sausage, no joke. When I was little, my favorite part of grilling out was the sausage-I could easily ditch the steak or burger and just eat sausage and potatoes. My father's Rotel dip with sausage was heavenly. My favorite dinner meal when I was growing up was breakfast, because it included sausage. My kids began eating sausage every morning as soon as they could eat table food. If I randomly don't serve it at breakfast, my kids ask "where's the sausage...?" 

I often sub sausage in my Spaghetti. We eat breakfast VERY often for super. Sausage is so versatile and SO tasty. And in my opinion, easy to cook and prep. Stews, Soups, Sauteed, Baked, Appetizer, a veggie pie, any meal of the day. I cook it daily, sometimes twice! I Never tire of eating it. I do not like bland food, I prefer bold, robust flavor and plenty of it. And you don't have to add a lot of seasonings to sausage dishes because it's already flavored. This cuts back on prep and thought.

So adding just a few fave veggies to a sausage dish, is simple and good. 

And BONUS--our store carries 3 different flavors that are all Whole30 compliant.

NO sugars, NO hormones, NO nitrites, NO preservatives, NO anti-biotics and GMO free.

I'm also highly attached to cooking meals that require only 1 pot or dish. Once again, sausage is your Win! So here are a 3 of my faves below. Know and consider, you can sub any veggies to your preference. The method of each dish is the same. Dice some veggies, dice some sausage and cook them all together!

Sausage, Sweet Potato and Sprouts


The very first time I ate sweet potatoes mixed with sausage was right after Shep was born. My neighbor brought us a crock pot meal and it was the best thing I'd tasted in a long time. When I began to eat well and exercise again after his birth, I often roasted potatoes and sausage--it was the right amount of protein, veggie and carbs post workout. And the sweet and spice are a prefect pair! 


  • 1 pound sausage of choice. diced or ground. (read labels for Whole30 compliance)

  • 3-4 small/medium peeled and diced sweet potatoes

  • 1 lb. diced brussel sprouts

  • Olive Oil, S&P


  1. In a large dish, toss sweet potatoes with olive oil and S&P. Place in a 400* oven, bake 20 minutes.

  2. Add sausage and sprouts into your dish. Toss well to allow oils to cover sprouts. Bake again at same temp for 20 minutes.

  3. Toss again and bake 10 more minutes. Done.

  4. Spoon into your fave bowl and Enjoy!


Sausage and Kale Skillet


I adore greens. Especially Kale and Collards. Kale has a smaller leaf so its easier to wash and prep. My fave way to cook is sauteed with onion and olive oil. Broccoli is a good sub for this too or add it in. Greens are loaded with Nutrition, and are easy to prep and add into just about any meal. They are a weekly staple item for me. Keep them in your kitchen and you'll be surprised how often you can use them. Salads, soups, side dishes, eggs, endless options.


  • 1/2 pound fave sausage, diced or ground

  • 1 whole onion, diced

  • 1-2 cups chopped kale

  • Olive Oil and S&P to taste


  1. Turn a large skillet on medium heat with 2 tablespoons olive oil

  2. Add in all greens and onion and generously cover in S&P.

  3. Stir frequently and sauté about 20 minutes. Add in diced sausage.

  4. Saute another 20 minutes or so, stirring often.

  5. Spoon into fave bowl and enjoy!

I always think I'll have leftovers here but then I end up eating it all.

Sausage and Bell Pepper


This is the same idea as the kale, I just substituted bell pepper. The bell pepper is sweeter and offers different texture and flavor than the kale. Bell pepper is also a staple item for me. I keep a few in my kitchen at all times. Red is my fave, I think mostly due to the color. I prefer longer, slim pieces in this dish as opposed to small and diced. They too are highly nutritious, tons of goodness to ward off Winter illness.


  • 1 pound diced sausage of choice

  • 2 whole Red Bell Peppers cut long ways

  • 1 whole Onion diced

  • Olive Oil, S&P


  1. Turn on a large skillet over medium heat.

  2. Add all onion and bell pepper. Cover generously with olive oil and S&P.

  3. Saute about 20 minutes. Add in sausage.

  4. Toss often and saute another 20 minutes.

  5. Spoon into your fave bowl and Enjoy!!

Happy Cooking Friends!! 

Here's a sneak on what I'll be cooking up and posting soon, all Whole30 Meals!!

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