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Sausage Stew

Sausage Stew

By Bradley Jean

Here is another One-Pot Wonder!! Soups and Stews are my life line in the Winter. Warm, hearty and easy to warm up the next day or pair up with a grilled cheese for the kids. You can easily sub ground beef here too, but you'll need to be sure and season it well.




Ingredients: 1 pound favorite sausage, one whole onion diced, one pound new potatoes ~ diced, 1/2 pound green beans ~ cut into 1 inch pieces, 1/2 pound okra ~ diced, carrots cut bite size, 4-6 cups of water, S&P

*You may cut link sausage into bite size pieces or use ground sausage. Either works great!

Brown sausage over medium heat in a large pot. About half way brown, add in diced Onion.

Continue to saute till meat is brown and onion is soft and tan.

Add Salt&Pepper generously

Add 4-6 cups water into your pot, depending on how much water you prefer in your soups. I'd go with 4 and then add more later.

Bring water to a soft boil and add all Veges

Continue to let soup boil softly for about 1 hour.

Taste as you go and add more S&P if needed.






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