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Walker Family Goods: the Arrow Pack

Walker Family Goods: the Arrow Pack

“We want families to travel simple, so they have more time and energy to focus on what’s important…one another.” -Walker Family Goods

So I’m going to be honest here and tell you that being organized is not my strong point. I have lists everywhere and I loose them. I have too many bags with random things in them. I have books here and there and notebooks galore to assist in my organization, yet I fail, often.

Where is my lip gloss?

Where did I put my glasses?

Did I grab my reports for my accountant?

What are we having for dinner?

This is me.

So my biggest aim this year was to get my tail organized and stick to it.

The main thing I have been needing: a simple, functional traveling office/personal bag.


I have been on the hunt for a functional, cute backpack for well over a year. I’m not one to just up and buy anything. It has to be exactly what I want and picture in my head. I don’t settle and I don’t jump the gun either. I also don’t have a lot of time to shop, on foot or on-line. I need my things to find me, and somehow, they always do.

I also prefer styles that are highly functional and efficient as well as fun and fashionable.

I came across Walker Family Goods on Instagram. Not sure how, but I’ll just say they found me.

I payed close attention to their mission and brand for quite a few months and realized, “this is who I want to buy a bag from.”

They are an adventurous, traveling family of 4. They teach their audience to get out doors and travel with their kids and live out their own family adventures!

Their mission: To Inspire Families to Travel Simple

Walker Family Goods is a line of colorful, stylish bags meant to enhance the travel experience and outdoors with your family. Bags for kids, adults and even the smallest of travelers.

I was first drawn to them by their joy and eagerness to tell their family story. This has been a huge mission for George’s Farmers Market too. I love finding other families living out a similar dream. It helps to keep us inspired and keep us having fun too.

I contacted the Walker family and told them a snippet of our story here in Alabama, and to my delight they sent me my very own backpack in my favorite color: Yellow!

I was gitty with joy and especially excited to get organized.

Shown in my pictures is the Arrow Pack. This pack is named for the Walker family’s son, Arrow. Check out their video below.

After having owned and operated George’s for over 2 years now, the value in supporting a single family through a purchase is un-matched. You can see with your eyes and you know exactly where your money and value is going. You are touching someone first hand. It is the most rewarding and has the greatest amount of sincerity when received.

So why do I actually love this Arrow Pack?

  1. The Size- not too big, not too small, it’s just right…

  2. Weight- so light, not heavy at all

  3. 3 Separate interior pockets. One for wallet/phone, 1 for paper things, 1 for planner, books, etc.

  4. A few tiny pockets for smaller things: lip gloss, glasses, earbuds, pen, etc.

  5. Handles on top- love this feature and use it more than I would have thought

  6. Back-pack Style- go anywhere, carry anywhere type bag

  7. LOVE all the color options Arrow Pack

  8. Adorable and Stylish- whether you are in college, a busy mom, teen or adventurous kid, this bag is Perfect!

I seriously did not imagine I would love it as mush as I do. It keeps me organized, keeps me together and most importantly, it keeps me in motion. I’m here and there and everywhere and this bag is my saving grace.

AND, even better, I have a coupon code to share with you!

Shop today through Sunday, and use the coupon code GEORGES10 and receive 10% off your purchase. Shop HERE

So excited to share this with all of you!


Walker Family Goods has 3 other wonderful styles as well. A duffle bag for packing more items for days of travel. As well as a brand new style the Louie Pack. , which comes in 2 sizes. This is an adorable smaller, hip-style, pack meant for children and adults. My little Shep would love one of these!


Many thanks to the Walker Family. Thank you for sponsoring this post, but most of all thank you for inspiring families to travel simple and make new memories everyday!

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